Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Meet Columbus

So… New Year, new blog and a new resolution to write at least twice a week.

In keeping (ish) with the new theme I seem to have developed, the first book from the shelf this year is so new it’s not even been released yet. The lovely people at Picador have kindly sent me a proof of Thomas Trofimuk’s latest novel, “Waiting for Columbus” which is due to come out in shops February this year.

Check out his website here.

It’s the Canadian’s third book, though I have to admit I haven’t read either of his previous novels, The 52nd Poem, or Doubting yourself to the Bone.

Never mind though, first impressions are looking good. Lovely blue cover, (which I was admiring earlier until my housemate pointed out this was just the proof paper… oh well.) The blurb says lots of promising kerfuffle too... Audrey Niffegger's name is bandied around, as is Lovely Bones.

And this is what Picador says.

"Found semi-naked in the treacherous Strait of Gibraltar, the mysterious man called Columbus appears to be just another delirious patient, until he begins to tell the 'true' story of how he famously obtained three ships from Spanish royalty."

Right then.

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