Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The First Literary Locations!

Hello folks, hope you all had egg-cellent Easters. (Don't blame me, I'm a bit scrambled..hahah!)

Well after my little hiatus (work blah blah blah...) I have been biting at the bit as they say to get back to my lovely little corner of blog world and start Literary Locations properly.

And as luck would have it I have just returned from a hasty mini break to the wilds of the Lake District. Specifically, the oh-so-quaint town of Grasmere. (Along with half the world and their Land rovers - not me I had the pleasure of Mr Branson's trains. Not. Nice)

Anyhoo, the bright eyed of you will have already made the connection but here is a little clue.

Then just click here and then on 'The Book Shelf ' on the left to take you through to the interactive map and find out who the bloody hell I'm talking about.


  1. Oh very exciting. I think I may know who it is, but unsure about the daffs connections so perhaps I don't know after all. However I can't check because of my limited I.T know-how - when I click on the map link, I can't see The Book Shelf. Help? :S

  2. Did you wander lonely as a cloud?

  3. I did indeed.. so so lonely! Actually there was about 20 million other people there so had plenty of company!

    I'll check the link, darn technology.. hang on a minute.