Sunday, 7 March 2010

The 2010 Book Oscars red carpet

Good evening and welcome to the very first Book

So most of the world is probably focusing on Hollywood's great and good this evening, but here in our little corner of the blogosphere we say keep your fancy ceremony, glamourous dresses and £60,000 goody bags. We'd much rather sit in front of the computer, supping a glass of something bubbly (Champagne ideally - lemonade still counts) and wait for the results of the very first Book Oscars!

First up I think we should take a look at our cyber red carpet and see what you chose to wear as your fantasy bookish outfit. Here are my favourties.

First up is A Bookish Space with the beautiful green dress featured in Atonement... tiny bit jealous I didn't think of this!

Next the lovely Becky at Page Turners chose this frothy beauty. Not technically booky but as she said, it's just to pretty to care!

Then I went all literal and picked this hand made book page dress...

And finally, and apologies for the pic, it's the best I could find, is my gorgeous Lucy's choice. Fleur Delacore's stunning blue dress and cape from Harry Potter. I got to see this in the flesh the other day - it really is stupidly lovely.

So we're all set! Results to follow....


  1. A very stunning bloggers red carpet I must say :)

  2. They are all so lovely, we made a stunning bunch didn't we!

    How did you get to see the real Harry Potter dress?

  3. Didn't we just.

    Becky- I was lucky enough to be given a set tour of Harry potter last week. Annoyingly I had to sign a silly confidentiality form so I can't post about it.. so frustrating!

    thanks for making last night so fun x

  4. How fun was that! Love the idea and the winner guys!
    Compliments from across the pond!
    Thank you!