Thursday, 18 February 2010

Books and flowers with Cath Kidston

The queen of polka dots and duchess of flowers, Cath Kidston, has started a book club. Or in her words,

"... we are launching our brand new bookclub and we would love for our customers to get involved. Simply tell us about the books you love and why. The best reviews will then be printed in the Cath Kidston magazine and you could even have your favorite book with your review on sale in our shops and on our website. Simply email us your favorites at"

As someone who tries very hard to keep the Kidston side of her personality in check, ("How divine, a darling cake platter..hello trees, hello sun, my, what a sweet tea-towel you have there...") I am naturally thrilled at the prospect.

I'm off to look for suitably splendid book to review. And in the spirit of research I may also put my polka dot pinny on. Maybe.

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