Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tuesday Teaser...

Inspired by Page Turners post about Should be reading's Tuesday Teasers idea (keep up...) here is my very own teaser, a sneak peak into my most recent read, Toni Morrison's, The Bluest Eye.'

'They come from Mobile. Aiken. From Newport News. From Marietta. From Meridian. And the sounds of these places make you think of love. When you ask them where they are from, they tilt their heads and say "Mobile" and you think you've been kissed."
Page 63

If that has you suitably tantalised (god this is sounding like a saucy show!) keep an eye out for my review.


  1. Yes, definitely tantalizing! Great teaser!

  2. Thanks, I wanted to pick one that might surprise anyone who may have heard about the book. it's not all doom a gloom. (Though, quite a bit is...)